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Laser marking machine helps food manufacturers to install high-quality safety locks

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-21

As we all know, the production date is the date when a food becomes a circulating product, and is one of the important indicators for judging food safety. According to my country’s 'General Rules for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods

According to the survey, the pre-packaged foods with 'easy to remove and easy to fall off' problems on the production date mainly include grain and oil, snacks, sauces, beverages and other fields, most of which exist in Plastic packaging on food. In life, you may find that part of the production date printed by inkjet printing can be wiped off with alcohol, while the production date marked on the bottle cap or plastic film may be easily twisted or torn off. replace.

Industry insiders say that tampering with the production date has become commonplace in the food industry. In the case of small-package foods, tampering with the production date is more concealed. Some brands put small-packaged foods in large packaging bags for sale. Each small-packaged food bag does not have the production date marked, and only prints the production on the large packaging bag. The date can easily be changed.

In recent years, incidents of tampering with the production date of food and beverage packaging are not uncommon. Well-known food companies such as Huiyuan, Mengniu, Jinmailang, etc. have all experienced such incidents. Investigations show that tampering The dates are all done by the downstream distributors of the brand manufacturers. Once a food manufacturer falls into a 'tampering' scandal, it will bring huge losses to its own brand. The incident of Mengniu tampering with the production date in 2012 triggered a huge wave of public opinion in the industry and consumer groups, and brought extreme negatives to the brand. Impact.

The production date is easy to fall off, and there is a hidden danger of being tampered with. Once an expired food is tampered with the production date, it appears to be within the shelf life, but in fact it is an expired food, which should be regarded as the same Substandard food is harmful to the reputation and brand of manufacturers and businesses. Faced with the problem of food labels being tampered with, industry insiders believe that manufacturers and businesses should actively fulfill their statutory obligations and strengthen the rectification of problems, which can not only enhance the corporate brand, but also be responsible to consumers.

The laser marking machine uses different lasers to strike the laser beam on the surface of a variety of different materials. A marking device that can cause physical or chemical changes to the surface material, thereby engraving permanent marks such as patterns, trademarks, and words. The laser marking machine can mark the production date, shelf life, production batch number, manufacturer name and other content on various specifications of food packaging. As a food packaging equipment, it is increasingly widely used in the food and beverage industry, and the equipment has stable performance , High reliability, fast speed, low power consumption and other characteristics.

For food and beverage manufacturers, if laser marking technology is used to 'brand' the production date on the packaging, the production date and the packaging will not be separated, and it will not be easy to fall off or be tampered with. And make the label information of pre-packaged food clearer and more durable, put a good 'quality safety lock' on the food, so that illegal traders can take advantage of it, and consumers can eat safely.

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