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QR code printer helps consumers buy fruits and vegetables with confidence

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26

In order to ensure product quality, many industries use source traceability systems. Fruit and vegetable traceability systems ensure the quality of crops during planting and processing. So that consumers can rest assured to eat high-quality green food. The fruit and vegetable traceability system realizes that the source of fruit and vegetable products can be checked, and the responsible party can be quickly traced if there is a quality problem. The QR code on the packaging of fruit and vegetable products can be scanned by consumers with their mobile phones, and information such as producer, place of production, input product use, and product destination will be displayed. Consumers can understand the situation of each link of product production.

Data sharing is the core concept of the Internet of Things era, and it is also the core of the traceable chain of fruit and vegetable products. Based on the data in the planting process, it provides corresponding data services for the picking process. , Transmit information on the entry, inspection, inventory, entry and exit of fruit and vegetable products, transportation vehicles, sales, inventory, etc., to provide consumers with complete information on the fruit and vegetable food industry chain. The information collected by each front-end device is uploaded to the cloud server in real time, reducing the possibility of human tampering. Build a traceability management operation system, build an information traceability platform, and formulate technical standards for traceability management. The fruit and vegetable traceability system realizes the quality of fruit and vegetable products, and implements the inter-accountability system, so that the quality of fruit and vegetable products is guaranteed, and consumers can eat and use high-quality green products with confidence. The establishment of the traceability system provides brand packaging and QR code services for fruit and vegetable products, prompting farmers to shape their own agricultural products brand, which is conducive to the promotion and sales of agricultural products. The two-dimensional code on the product packaging also enters the information of the circulation link into the fruit and vegetable product traceability system during the circulation process, and forms a complete fruit and vegetable product circulation information chain at the sales terminal. The traceability system eases the work of the supervisory department, and the improvement of the traceability system management product ensures the product quality and protects the rights and interests of consumers.

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