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The canned beverage market is popular, fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers emphasize the need for laser marking machines

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-26
Due to the increasing consumer demand for fast-moving consumer goods (such as beverages), the global beverage packaging market is expected to grow from 97.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2012 to 125.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. This means that manufacturers need to continuously increase the speed of the production line and improve the function of the labeling system. Several coding and marking systems are available in the production industry, and it is important to understand which system best meets the production needs. Among all the available options, the laser system is highly respected and trusted by manufacturers of filled beverages. This type of system can increase output and extend uptime to meet growing consumer demand. In order to better understand the beverage industry and how laser marking solutions can support the industry, Sascha Benke, Manager of the Videojet Laser Marking Machine Business Unit, shared relevant knowledge in this regard to help us understand the challenges faced by the beverage packaging industry , Future development trends and growing demand. About the author: SaschaBenke, as VideojetTechnologies laser marking machine business department manager, Sascha is mainly responsible for the global sales team of Videojet laser marking machine series products. Sascha previously served as the marketing director of Videojet in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, the global vertical marketing director of food, and the key customer project leader. 1. In the canned beverage industry, what are the main development trends of coding and labeling solutions? From a long-term perspective, I can see two trends. The first trend is the proliferation of products. Both large and small companies are beginning to expand their product portfolios by absorbing other brands, while launching diverse products for their new target consumers. The Coca-Cola Company is a typical example. It expands its product portfolio by absorbing other brands (such as cherry cola and vanilla cola) in order to adapt to consumers' changing consumer demand for other tastes and ingredients. We have also seen more and more large companies expand their product portfolios by acquiring small brands. As a result, the proliferation of products has led manufacturers to increase the speed of their production lines in response to increased demand, and has led to more demand for identification and coding systems that can meet the needs of accelerated production lines while efficiently delivering qualified products. The second trend is what people in the industry call 'post-customizationThis enables goods to be customized for each market and required quantity, thereby maximizing efficiency. Typically, large or medium-sized companies and companies that supply products to multiple markets use this production method. For example, if a local US food manufacturer wants to export its products to the European Union, the information on the product packaging will use the local languages u200bu200bof different markets. In addition, regulatory standards and requirements vary from market to market. For example, the ingredient list may be required to be disclosed in some markets, but may not be required in other markets. The manufacturer may also need to add specific data (such as liability information) or insert a geo-tracking code to achieve product traceability. With the ability to identify data at the last minute, manufacturers can increase production flexibility. The additional advantage of late customization lies in its shorter packaging conversion time and fewer packaging consumables. 1. In the past 3 to 5 years, how has the beverage industry changed? In order to expand market share, maintain and acquire new customers, companies need to meet diverse customer needs. Therefore, the beverage industry is under increasing pressure to provide new products. In the past, the industry produced the same type of products around the clock, but due to the diversification of the product range, this demand has become the need for efficient and faster product conversion. One product can be produced in the morning and another product later in the day. The two products can also have size differences. The demand for faster conversion will continue to increase the need for printing stickers that can meet the time requirements. The requirements of the standard system. Manufacturers and retailers are increasingly using coding techniques for marketing and brand promotion. For example, a QR code is a two-dimensional code that can be used to record product information. Consumers can use their smartphones to scan the code to instantly access relevant websites to learn about current or upcoming competitions, brand events, and special offers. This is a great way for brand owners to obtain consumer information and preferred buying habits. The increase in coding content requires time optimization, which increases the pressure on daily operations. Today's production facilities must consider the ability of the coding machine to adapt to product changes, including the selection of different codes and the positioning of these codes on the product and production line. This is an unprecedented challenge. Fortunately, there are new technologies available to deal with this challenge, such as coding hardware and software setup tools to simplify conversion.
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