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The premature moon cake manufacturer claims that the new employee's inkjet printer has made a mistake

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-22

The news of a 'premature birth' date for mooncakes in Daxiyuan, Guigang City, Guangxi has been widely circulated on the Internet recently. Some citizens found that some mooncakes were bought in Guigang, Guangxi. The production date is marked to September 10. In response, the mooncake manufacturer responded that the production date was originally September 1, and the new employee made a mistake in the operation of the cij printer on September 10, and added a '0'.

In the field of food safety, the production date is particularly important because it is 'linked' to the food shelf life. The moon cake production date is 'premature delivery'. Once consumers infer the shelf life of the moon cakes based on the 'premature delivery' date, they may accidentally eat expired moon cakes, thereby endangering their health.

According to the national food labeling standard 'General Rules for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods, That is, the date when the food is loaded (filled) into the packaging or container to form the final sales unit. The clear date label shall not be additionally affixed, reprinted or tampered with. Obviously, the 'premature birth' of moon cakes does not meet national standards.

Earlier, there was a media report about the 'premature birth' of a walnut beverage. The manufacturer issued a statement saying that the date was printed incorrectly due to a malfunction of the printer's equipment. There are not a few cases where cij printer failures and operational errors lead to incorrect food production dates. Manufacturers rely on one-sided words, even if they recall the problematic products, it is difficult to quell the public's doubts. Therefore, companies should conduct strict inspections on product shipments and establish an anti-counterfeiting traceability system. When similar problems occur with products, they should release traceability data to eliminate public doubts and protect brand reputation.

China Youth Daily commented that the 'premature birth' ridicule may be laughed at by bloggers, but it can be seen that on the production date that is critical to food safety, once manufacturers and merchants act wildly and consume The right to know is in vain. The public questioned the 'premature' moon cakes. In addition to the so-called 'error' in the production date, the public also suspected that the production and sales of moon cakes might be tricky.

However, according to the latest survey results of the Guangxi Guigang City Market Supervision Bureau, the mooncake manufacturer’s statement is true. Apart from the incorrect date marking, no other food safety issues have been found in this batch of mooncakes. . At present, the bureau has processed 230 batches of mooncakes involved, took measures to suspend business for rectification of Daxiyuan Company, and initiated investigations into the company and the Hualong Supermarket that sold 6 batches of mooncakes on the wrong date.

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