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The technical difficulties of food inkjet printer competition

Food printers need to be stable and reliable in food production lines. The food industry belongs to the fast-moving consumer goods industry. The stability and reliability of the production line is the most concerned issue for food companies. For printers, the problem of easy blockage of the nozzle and downtime is most likely to cause food companies. Cause trouble, this is also one of the technical difficulties of cij printer competition. First of all, when the machine is not working, the recovery device will return to the nozzle position under the drive of the automatic movement system. The nozzle sealing technology will reliably seal the nozzle and the recovery device, and it will automatically open when it needs to run and print, so that it will be completely It avoids dust and impurities adhering to the nozzle to cause the ink line to be skewed at the start of the machine, effectively preventing the nozzle clogging caused by the curing of the ink, improving the production efficiency, and making the use more stable and reliable. Secondly, the timer switch function can automatically circulate the printing ink. Therefore, food companies do not need to worry about the nozzle clogging due to the solidification of the printing ink during long holidays. In addition, food companies can also set automatic switch on and off at any time. Third, the built-in diaphragm pump can generate system pressure through the transmission device without mechanical wear, which makes the pump longer life and eliminates impurities caused by pump wear, making the ink system cleaner and reducing the possibility of system blockage. It reduces the number of ink circulations, and ultimately reduces the solvent volatilization caused by the air intake system, and the ink composition is more stable. Finally, the use of low vacuum recovery technology and thin recovery tubes can save 50-70 solvents. At the same time, the consumable filter can last longer and the overall performance of the machine is more stable.

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