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The technology and advantages of laser marking machine in the electroplating industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-04

The technology and advantages of laser marking machines in the electroplating industry. Laser electroplating is a new high-energy beam electroplating technology, which is of great significance to the production and repair of microelectronic devices and large-scale integrated circuits. Marking machines are currently under study, although the principles of laser electroplating, laser ablation, plasma laser deposition and laser jetting are still under study, but their technology is already in practical use. When a continuous laser or pulsed laser is irradiated on the surface of the cathode in the electroplating bath

, the marking machine can not only greatly increase the deposition speed of the metal, but also can use the computer to control the movement of the laser beam to obtain the desired Unshielded coating of complex geometries. In the 1980s, the marking machine developed a new laser jet

enhanced electroplating technology, which combined the laser enhanced electroplating technology with electroplating solution jets, so that the laser and the plating solution were simultaneously shot on the cathode surface. Its mass transfer rate greatly exceeds the mass transfer rate of micro-stirring caused by laser irradiation, and reaches a very high deposition rate from

. Laser electroplating is a typical combination of classical technology and modern technology, and it is a new high-energy beam electroplating technology. The use of laser technology in the marking machine can increase the metal deposition speed and efficiency by 1000 times. When a continuous laser or pulsed laser is used to irradiate the surface of the cathode in the electroplating bath, it not only increases the deposition speed, but also The trajectory of the laser beam can be controlled by a computer to obtain the desired complex geometric pattern without shielding coating.

Compared with ordinary electroplating machine The advantages of the marking machine are:

   (1) Fast deposition speed, such as laser gold plating up to 1μm/s, laser copper plating up to 10μm/s, laser jet gold plating up to 12μm /s, the laser jet copper plating of the marking machine can reach 50μm/s;

   (2) The metal deposition only occurs in the laser irradiation area, and the local deposition coating can be obtained without shielding measures. This simplifies the production process;

  (3) The bonding force of the coating is greatly improved; the marking machine

  (4) It is easy to realize automatic control;


  (5) Save precious metals;

  (6) Save equipment investment and processing time.

The marking machine logo industry has always been Our lives are closely related, but the traditional label industry production and processing process will cause some waste of materials, and pollution issues. This runs counter to the trend of green environmental protection in contemporary society. China has been vigorously advocating the path of sustainable development, which has caused many contradictions between the traditional sign industry and society. The emergence of laser marking machine promotes

the marking industry has embarked on a path of green and sustainable development. Marking machine 1 Compared with inkjet coding, laser marking machine does not have the pollution of consumables, avoids the use of cij printer ink and cij printer solvent, and rejects these pollution sources from the source.

   During the production and processing of the laser marking machine, no pollutants are generated, and the average small and medium-sized enterprise can invest a small amount of money to have a long-life laser marking machine. Standard equipment. And the operation process is simple and there is no safety hazard.

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