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Use of optical fiber laser marking machine easily implement alumina black

with the development of laser marking technology, has been recognized by more and more industries and has been widely used. Also because of this the customer to mark effect have higher requirements and standards, of which about the material such as alumina, stainless steel beat many clients think on black not black enough. Optical fiber laser marking and printing, screen printing ink is adopted consumables and laser marking is no consumables, it USES is the quality of the oxidation to determine the effect and efficiency of a black, in a nutshell is the thickness of the oxide film, fiber laser marking machine can complete alumina's requirements very well.

in the field of industrial businesses there are so many, not all businesses are hoping to have the same marking requirements, different manufacturers for their products marking requirements are not the same, at the same time for different material of the marking requirements are also different, because there are these different so would have a variety of models of laser code equipment for processors to choose, also because of these differences so each laser machine appears to be the same, but has its own unique advantages. For some processors such as stainless steel, metal production, product identification information oxide black requirements are more higher.

so what are the factors affect alumina dozen black? One is the material, including the oxide film thickness and surface treatment technology, the thickness of the membrane for oxidation of black has a direct impact, normal circumstances between the thickness of the membrane for 10 to 20 um will mark easier to play black, more than this range will appear white, or other effect. Surface treatment craft will directly affect the effect of black, sandblasting precision affects the marking effect. Second is the optical fiber laser marking machine laser installation and some of the parameters set, whether because they are not installed or light path deviation, power, frequency Settings are to play black oxide plays a decisive factor, before marking need to confirm these details, to ensure that the marking effect.

fiber laser marking machines, unlike other laser code equipment, it is directly electrically modulated semiconductor lasers as seed source ( MOPA) Scheme of fiber laser with perfect laser characteristics and good pulse shape control ability. Compared with the Q fiber laser, MOPA fiber laser pulse frequency and pulse width is controlled independently, through two laser parameter adjustment is tie-in, can achieve peak value of the constant power output, and can apply to the wider on the substrate. At the same time, the tuning Q laser cannot become a MOPA, thus marking - plastic and other sensitive material Strip anode, peeling coating - The semiconductor and electronic industries - stainless steel Alumina's effect.

wei in Czech optical fiber laser marking machine is able to realize the oxidation of black high standard requirements, marking software and control card used the USB interface transmission, cool swim fast and stable, the function such as analog and digital transmission, software operation is simple, but powerful. At the same time to the customer equipment performance is stable, safe and reliable, maintenance free. Optical fiber laser laser laser marking machine is using laser output laser black effect, high electro-optical conversion, small volume, high beam quality, achieve beautiful visual effect and persistent. Solved in the field of industrial demand for laser crackdown.

above all, optical fiber type laser marking equipment is alumina black's right-hand man, is the favourite in the field of industry, to satisfy the business demand for magnesium aluminum, alumina, aluminum alloy, etc to play black needs. In fact, as long as the choice of the optical fiber laser marking machine, marking oxide is a very simple thing, can be done easily.

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