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What are the application schemes of small character inkjet printers for frozen food inkjet printing?

The equipment for printing production date of frozen food is called food packaging inkjet printer. For printing frozen and refrigerated food, small character inkjet printer is an inevitable choice. Of course, some people use ordinary ribbon printers. This kind of coding machine is easy to damage the surface of the packaging when printing, and the printing is not clear and easy to fall off. It is already outdated coding equipment, so the use of small-character coding machines is an inevitable choice in the cold beverage industry. Frozen food printers are divided into chilled food and frozen food. Frozen food is easy to preserve and is commonly used for the production, transportation and storage of perishable food such as meat, poultry, aquatic products, milk, eggs, vegetables and fruits; Convenient, hygienic and economical; the market demand is large. The main problem of frozen food in coding is that there is frosty water mist on the surface, which makes the production date printed on the printer easy to fall off, so what kind of ink can be used for coding What is the demand for machines in the cold beverage industry? Let us explain the inkjet printer for cold food and beverages below: (1) Hygiene of fresh food manufacturing and processing. The quality of cold food and beverage products is to reduce microbial purification, which is at the juncture of quality. The production conditions, equipment and scope of various types of cold food and beverage cij printer factories are very different, but the basic technical hygiene applications are still the same. The cold food and beverage Guangdong inkjet printer production workshop must have five independent parts, including ingredients, boiling, freezing molding, packaging (filling) and storage, and the organization is reasonable to prevent interspersed infection. The storage warehouse must have refrigerated conditions that forgive the production volume of 2d to 3d, and the works shall be packaged to control the works to pass the test and leave the factory. The population section of the workshop should be equipped with hand washing and disinfection facilities to ensure the personal hygiene of the workers. Since the cold food inkjet printer contains rich milk and eggs, it should be heated and disinfected as soon as possible after the ingredients. The temperature should reach above 80℃ for 5min-10min. The sterilized ingredients should be cooled to below 20°C within 4 hours to prevent the remaining microorganisms from multiplying. The cooled semi-waste products should be molded as soon as possible to be frozen. The tin plating of tin-plated molds and fillers should be relatively pure 'Nine-Nine TinThe production and processing personnel should ensure personal hygiene. When packing popsicles, use ethanol cotton to wipe their hands at any time. Those suffering from boils, carbuncles or internal injuries should be rigorously transferred from their posts. The atmosphere of the workshop should be purified, and the better method is to use lactic acid fumigation or purple inner line disinfection. The containers and utensils used for processing must be strictly cleaned and disinfected. (2) Raw material hygiene. The various raw materials for cold food and beverage printers must be suitable for sanitation applications. The raw material water used by Huaxia should use tap water or deep well water and undergo two purification and disinfection treatments to ensure that the national drinking water standard is reached, and its hardness (calculated by CaCO. ) Should be less than 100mg/kg; drinking natural mineral water should conform to the national standard for drinking natural mineral water; fruit juice processed from melons and fruits should have ordinary fragrance and reputation, and no festering, moldy fruits and pesticide residues should be used It should be suitable for national hygiene standards; raw materials such as sugar, milk, eggs, etc. used should be suitable for their respective national hygiene standards; the saccharin, flavor, coloring, preservatives, emulsifiers and other enhancers added in the cold food inkjet printer should be in line with the ' Food Enhancer Use Hygienic Standards(3) Product overhaul. Cold drinks and frozen drinks must undergo a strict delivery inspection and waste inspection system. The factory will not be allowed to leave the factory until the inspection is qualified. The inspection content includes whether the product label can express the product name, factory address, production date (shift), shelf life and other forms. It should also check whether the packaging is tight and whether there is a product certificate. Product testing should include sensory testing, physical and chemical indicators and bacterial index. The above are the key points of the small-character inkjet printer used in frozen food coding. If you have anything else you want to know, you can go to the official website of the small-character inkjet printer: http:/ //Leave a message and tell the editor!

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