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What is the cause of the nozzle blockage of the printer? And what are the ways to clean the nozzles?

The print head is the most important and most expensive vulnerable product on the inkjet printer, and the maintenance of the print head is also very important. Next, the editor will explain the maintenance process of the print head in detail. 1. Treatment of the nozzle before installation: 1. Soak the nozzle in the cleaning solution for about ten minutes before the nozzle. 2. After installation, you must first use a glass syringe to draw a special cleaning solution to clean the nozzle. Method: 20mm cleaning solution each time, a total of 3-4 times. 2. Maintain the print head after the work is completed every day. After all the print jobs are completed every day, in order to keep the print head in the best working condition and avoid clogging the nozzle due to the volatilization of solvent ink, please choose one of the following two methods Allow the equipment to stay overnight after the nozzles are maintained. Vacuum equipment such as a vacuum cleaner or an air pump can be used to clean the nozzle from the front of the nozzle, or pressurized to clean the nozzle at the ink inlet of the nozzle, but the latter may enlarge the nozzle front hole and shorten the life of the nozzle. In addition, the nozzle can withstand about 1 kg of pressure, but you should avoid pressure cleaning the nozzle from the ink inlet when the power is on. Note: When cleaning the nozzle with a vacuum cleaner, please be careful not to scratch the nozzle surface, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage. The maintenance of the whole machine is mainly to ensure that the nozzle of the printer and the internal cleaning problems, so the regular cleaning of the whole machine is a daily compulsory course for users. Due to the infestation of dust and coding debris in the air, it is easy to damage the precise main coding components of the printer and cause the printer to malfunction. Detailed steps (one of the methods) 1. Turn off the power of the equipment 2. Move the machine head to the leftmost cleaning position 3. Cut the non-woven fabric into a size of about 8mm×18mm, and soak it in the cleaning solution, completely immersed Take it out when wet. 4. Stick the soaked non-woven fabric on the bottom of the nozzle, and press lightly with your fingers to make the non-woven fabric close to the bottom of the nozzle. If the weather is hot, you can stick a few more layers. 5. Wrap the whole nozzle with plastic wrap and seal it. Prevent the cleaning fluid from volatilizing 6. Keep this state and let the coding equipment stay overnight. 7. Just remove the plastic wrap before working on the next day and clean the nozzle with a vacuum cleaner. At the last shutdown, after pressing the shutdown button, it is recommended to use a clean beaker containing about 100ml of cleaning liquid or preferably a solvent, and put the nozzle into the beaker. The advantage of this is that the recovery tube can be thoroughly cleaned In fact, if it is not used for a long time, the ability to recover the pipeline blockage is the most detailed step (Method 2) 1. Turn off the equipment power 2. Move the spray cart to the cleaning position 3. Take out the liquid level sensor, Pour out the ink in the auxiliary ink bottle and pour the cleaning liquid. 4. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the cleaning liquid in the auxiliary ink bottle into the nozzle, and wrap the spray car with plastic wrap. 5. Keep this state so that the ink concentration of the equipment can easily rise overnight. Even after the holiday, it may be found that the machine reports 'viscosity failure'. There are precision print heads in the internal structure of the inkjet printer. The ink of the cij printer also needs to be cleaned. Therefore, avoid mechanical collisions and collisions during placement and daily use. Vibration, the machine should be placed steadily. 3. The treatment method after the nozzle is slightly clogged. After the nozzle is slightly clogged during the printing process, press the PAUSE button to suspend the printing job, move the spray car to the cleaning position, and then use the vacuum cleaner to remove the ink from the nozzle Spray for nozzle cleaning. After cleaning, use a plastic squeeze bottle to spray some cleaning fluid on the nozzle surface to remove residual ink. 1. To open the clogged nozzle, by alternately switching the positive and negative pressure of the pressure valve and the return valve, pressure shock can be applied to the nozzle to clear the clogged nozzle. 2. Dissolve the blockage at the nozzle, close the pressure valve, and open the return valve. The negative pressure will be recovered through the return valve. If the cleaning agent is flushed at the nozzle at this time, the cleaning agent will be sucked into the spray cavity and then dissolve the blockage. Clogs in the nozzle. 3. To check the stability of the ink line, open the pressure valve, and then switch the return valve intermittently. You can check whether the nozzle is unobstructed by the pressure change at the nozzle. If the ink line does not swing significantly, the ink line is normal. .  4. The recovery tank should be flushed frequently. Before the flushing operation, the staff needs to judge whether the recovery tank is blocked or not. If it does, the flushing work cannot be performed at will. 5. Adjust the ink line. Need to manually adjust the ink line to the recovery tank and the center of the charging electrode, this process requires more skilled operators to carry out. The above is the main points of the cij printer for everyone in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, please go to the official website of the cij printer: http:/// leave a message and tell the editor.

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