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With the increasing demand in the semiconductor market, how is the development of laser marking machines?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-03

In recent years, China's semiconductor industry has developed rapidly, and the semiconductor industry has gradually shown a new trend of shifting to mainland China, which has brought opportunities for the development of various industries in China to localize equipment. In addition, government policies strongly support the development of the semiconductor industry, and a large amount of funds will accelerate the transformation, upgrading and mature development of the industry.

At present, China is the largest integrated circuit market in the world with huge demand. With the development of industries such as automotive intelligence, 5G, and the Internet of Things, China's chip market is still expanding. For many years, China's chip industry has been in a weak position compared with Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Province. In recent years, China's Ru0026D investment in the semiconductor industry has gradually increased, and the proportion of the chip market in GDP has continued to rise.

With the increase in semiconductor market demand, how is the development of laser marking machines - semiconductor chips. png.

Due to the rapid development of the semiconductor industry and market demand, static density laser marking machines are constantly innovating and upgrading.

What are the highlights of manufacturing laser marking machines?

1. High-precision flight optical path design (high cutting precision and good cutting quality). The incision is very small, and the material will hardly be lost);

2. Automatic feeding device (saving time cost, saving time cost, no manual operation, higher efficiency);

3. CCD automatic positioning (CCD search target, can be positioned with an accuracy of 3um);

4. High stable output laser generator (using imported light source static and dense optical design, non-contact processing, fine spot, high cutting precision, Good effect);

5. No carbonization of the cross section (small laser pulse width, small carbonization range, no carbonization in basic vision);

6. Cutting and drilling effects (processing The single-pulse energy and high-frequency processing are used, and the processing surface is more fine and smooth);

The field of semiconductor laser chips is a field with high investment, high technical threshold and high-end talents. Most domestic companies only have chip packaging capabilities and do not have production lines to produce chips independently. The application of this non-contact processing method in the semiconductor field has solved many difficult problems in the semiconductor industry.

In recent years, the suppression of Chinese chips by foreign countries has made the progress of domestic chip manufacturing technology and technology very obvious, and the localization of chips will become an irreversible trend. In the next ten years, semiconductor materials will become a more important industry in China, and semiconductor material processing is likely to be the outbreak of laser micromachining. Therefore, under the trend of artificial intelligence, 5G and the country's strong investment in the localization of semiconductor materials in the future, there is bound to be a great demand for laser static-density processing, and the large-scale application of laser processing equipment is an important trend.

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