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Introduction to use laser marking the nine criteria of cutting quality of the cutting system is what?

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-02

we all know that with the continuous development of laser marking technology, laser marking machine has not only is used for marking assignment code, also can use in a variety of other requirements. Using laser cutting, laser drilling, laser marking, etc. , these are all can be implemented by laser marking technology, is simply done by laser. Recently there are many customers ask small make up if use laser cutting, so how to determine the cutting quality problem? So in this sharing, wei in Czech, the problem of the quality of laser cutting to share common nine evaluation criteria:

one, roughness. Laser cutting section will form the vertical grain, grain depth determines the cutting surface roughness, more shallow grain cutting section is more smooth, vice ze van. Roughness is not only affect the appearance of the edge, but also affect the friction characteristics, in most cases, the need to reduce the roughness as far as possible, so the more shallow, grain, the higher the cutting quality.

second, material deposition. Laser cutting machine at the start of piercing in workpiece surface with a layer of oil before the special liquid. Cutting process, because of the gasification and various materials need not, the customer with the wind except incision, but the upward or downward discharge will be formed in the surface deposition.

third, sag and corrosion. Sag and have an adverse effect on the surface of the cutting edge of corrosion, affect the appearance. They appear in general should avoid cutting error.

4, burr. The formation of burr is also a very important in determining the quality of laser cutting factors, because of the burr removal need extra workload, the magnitude of the burr can serious and how much is the intuitive judgment the quality of the cutting.

five, heat affected zone. Laser cutting, along the area around the incision is heated. At the same time, the structure change of the metal. For example, some metal hardening will happen. Heat affected area refers to the depth of the internal structure change in the region.

its six, verticality. How the thickness of the sheet metal for more than 10 mm, the cutting edge of vertical degree is very important. Away from the focus, the laser beam divergence, according to the location of the focus, cutting towards wider at the top or bottom. Thus cutting edge what percentage deviation from vertical line mm, margin is vertical, the higher the cutting quality.

its seven, deformation. If cut sharply heating parts, it will be out of shape. This is especially important in the fine processing, because the outline and the connection piece is usually only a few millimeters wide ten points. Control of laser power and the use of short laser pulse can reduce parts heat, avoid deformation.

its eight, cutting width. Notch width in general will not affect the cutting quality, only the outline of special precision is formed within the parts, the cutting width is important, because the cutting width determines the outline minimum Canon, when the plate thickness increases, the cutting width also will increase. So want to ensure that the same precision, no matter how hard it is incision width, artifacts in processing areas of the laser cutting machine should be constant.

the nine, grain. When high-speed cutting plate, molten metal won't appear in vertical laser beam at the bottom of the incision, may in the laser beam after partial. Leads to the formation of a curved lines in the cutting edge, texture closely to follow a moving laser beam, in order to fix this problem, at the end of cutting processing to reduce the feed rate, can greatly eliminate grain line.

from the roughness, the above material deposition, sag and corrosion, burr, heat affected zone, vertical degree, deformation, cutting width, grain nine aspects to assess the quality of laser cutting quality. Hope for you to see this share has a certain effect, if you have other questions can be directly consulting our laser machine oh ~ online customer service
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