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UV laser marking machine is widely used in plastic industry marking

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-27

When manufacturing plastic products, it is often necessary to mark the plastic for eternity. Ultraviolet light-emitting neodymium (355nm) solid-state lasers (such as Coherent's Avia lasers) are ambitions marked on PE, PP, ABS and PBT and other plastics.

  The low-flux laser can change the color of commonly used whitening dyes (such as TiO2) without changing the appearance quality of the parts.

   On small parts such as medical catheters, identification marks such as bar codes or alphanumerics must be clearly edged, without signs of adhesion or ambiguity. Since medical catheters are used against body fluids, the markings must be non-toxic, and will not be lost by body fluids.

UV laser marking machine

  The markings engraved by machines cannot be used on medical catheters. Because the appearance quality of the catheters is changed, bacteria tend to accumulate on the markings. But there is no such problem with UV laser marking. The markings made by laser 'cold' process are more obvious and the edges are clear. Since ultraviolet light only affects the photosensitive dye and not the substrate that carries the dye, ultraviolet light can naturally produce high-quality, equivalent marks on a variety of plastics.

  Other ultraviolet neodymium: The output beam of the solid-state laser can be converged in a small spot diameter. Using vector scanning technology, using a mirror placed on a galvanometer controlled by a computer, the beam can be moved to any position on the appearance of the workpiece. Next, you can use CAD/CAM software to drill and cut the plastic, or mark it with a 'direct writing' method. The inherent maneuverability of the laser 'soft thing' is the ideal method of carrying out a series of digital markings and pipe hole drilling. The high-speed galvanometer scanning system holds numbers and bar code marks on various plastics at a rate higher than 100 characters/s.

   As we all know, in the past, when using miniature precision drills to drill machine holes, the drills were extremely easy to damage and expensive, so lasers replaced them with the mission of accurate micromachining on medical devices. Because the purple

external neodymium: solid-state laser is a 'cold' process, and its spot diameter is much smaller than that of an infrared laser, so it is the best thing for microfabrication. Infrared lasers will leave focal points and residues around the borehole and thermal damage to the edges.

  UV neodymium: Solid-state lasers are also used to drill vias for high-density wiring of flexible circuit boards. This application requires lasers with low characteristic resolution and ultra-high-quality polyimide processing capabilities, which are not available in CO2 lasers. Because the UV neodymium: solid-state laser generates little residue or carbonization, it is the most aspirational to use it for small processing on flexible circuit boards that cannot be washed after processing.

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