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What is the problem with uneven fiber laser marking?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-16

1. Select a certain scale of the off-focus markup content.

Because every focusing mirror has a corresponding depth of focus scale, choosing a method that violates focus will only result in the edges being at the critical point of the depth of focus or exceeding the depth of focus scale, making it relatively simple to create functional inconsistencies. uniformity. Therefore, it is important to consider the laser energy.

Second, the laser output is blocked, and the laser beam passes through the mirror and the spot is insufficient.

The laser output head, fixing fixture and vibrating mirror are not adjusted, which causes part of the light spot to be blocked when the laser passes through the vibrating lens.

Another situation is that the vibrating mirror deflection mirror is damaged, and when the laser beam passes through the damaged area of u200bu200bthe mirror, it cannot be reflected well. Therefore, the laser energy of the laser beam passing through the damaged area of u200bu200bthe lens is not consistent with the laser energy of the undamaged area of u200bu200bthe lens. After all, the laser energy in the data is different, which then makes the marking effect uneven.

Third, when the laser passes through the optical lens (refraction, reflection), the heat of the lens will deform delicately. This deformation increases the focus of the laser's focus, shortening the focal length. If the machine is fixed, the interval is adjusted to the focus, and after the laser is turned on for a period of time, the laser energy density on the data will change due to the thermal lens phenomenon, resulting in uneven marking effect.

Fourth, the machine water is well adjusted, that is, the laser vibration lens and the processing table are not flat.

Because the two are not horizontal, the interval length of the laser beam passing through the mirror to the processing object is inconsistent. After all, the energy of the laser falling on the object being processed will have an inconsistent energy density, which will show an uneven effect in the data.

5. Reasons for inconsistent film thickness or physical and chemical properties change on the data surface.

Data are sensitive to laser energy. Usually with the same data, the laser energy must reach the data corruption threshold. When the thickness of the data coating is different or other physical and chemical processing processes are not uniform, the effect after laser marking will also be non-uniform.

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