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Food production batch coding has great effect

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-19

Recently, when law enforcement officers inspected a supermarket, they discovered that the batch coding on the outer packaging label of a batch of 'Mengniu' drinks was artificially damaged. The inkjet code is '3D20170203A

……After verification, the damaged part is the source code. The party claimed that the product was imported from a neighboring city, and the purchase price was slightly lower. In order to prevent the local distributor from discovering the batch of goods, the batch content was dug out. Although the Mengniu Company identified the batch of products as genuine, the merchant was punished by the industry and commerce department.

First of all, according to the provisions of the 'General Rules for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods of National Food Safety Standards>

Ming things. In this case, the batch coding position is on the food packaging, which is part of the food label. The 'General Rules for Labeling of Prepackaged Foods' requires that 'food labels should be clear, eye-catching, and durable, and should be easy for consumers to identify and read when buying.' In this case, due to the destruction of the batch code, the food label was unclear, unobvious, and unable to be recognized by consumers.

The party's breach of batch coding obviously violated the general rules for prepackaged food labeling. This is consistent with the provisions of Article 42 of the Food Safety Law.

Secondly, although the nine items on the label of pre-packaged food stipulated in Article 42 of the Food Safety Law do not include the production batch, the ' Food safety

Article 37 and Article 39 of the entire law clearly stipulate that food production enterprises and operating enterprises shall establish a food factory inspection system and food purchase inspection Recording system,

To truthfully record the name, specification, quantity, production date, production batch number, etc. of the food.

Again, in terms of social hazards, the batch Leadtech Coding of food is the same as the ID number of the product. If a food safety incident occurs in this batch of food, the producer will Root

According to the batch of coding to identify the batch of the food, so as to recall and destroy the problem food. However, the batch Leadtech Coding is damaged. Once a food accident occurs, the food producer cannot identify the food batch and cannot recall the problematic food. Therefore, the actions of the parties involved in this case may cause potential food safety hazards.

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