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Food safety from the 'new labeling regulations' fine supervision

Preservatives are mainly used to prevent the growth of microorganisms. Compliant additions will not cause health hazards to consumers. However, some manufacturers use 'preservative-free' as a pretense to mislead consumers. The 'Administrative Measures' clarifies that for substances that are not contained or used in foods, the words 'no addition. This will help standardize and restrict the production and operation of enterprises, and fully protect consumers' right to know.

When I got a package of food, I couldn’t find the production date or the expiration date over and over again. I finally found the production date, but the handwriting was illegible. . In the future, such situations will be expressly prohibited. Recently, the 'Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Food Labeling (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)' is publicly soliciting opinions on the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation.

The people regard food as the heaven, and the standard of food is the first. Food labeling is the easiest and most important way for consumers to obtain food-related information, and it is also the first source of information for consumers to decide whether to buy. Establishing a complete, uniform, systematic, and authoritative food labeling management standard to safeguard consumers' right to know and choice is the original intention of the regulatory authorities to issue food labeling supervision and management measures. Judging from the content of the 'Draft for Solicitation of Comments,' the details of the various requirements and the full range of factors involved all reflect the general direction of increasingly refined food supervision.

For example, in the previous regulations on labeling, only the “clear and identifiable” principle was put forward for the production date and shelf life of food. However, in the new 'Management MeasuresTranslated into: 'The production date and quality guarantee date should be marked prominently and can be printed on the packaging surface with a white background; where laser etching is used to mark the production date and quality guarantee date, the text should be clear. The height of the text of the production date and quality guarantee date should not be Less than 3 mm. If the shelf life of food does not exceed 72 hours, the date of production and shelf life of the food should be marked in hours.'

The 'Regulations on the Labeling of Health Food' formulated by the Ministry of Health will be repealed at the same time. This means that in this complete, unified, systematic and authoritative refined food labeling specification, health foods are also included in integrated management. In the 'Draft for Solicitation of CommentsThe following content: health food is not a medicine, and cannot replace medicine to treat diseases. The directional and operational clauses are also very detailed.

To supervise food labeling in accordance with laws and regulations, refinement is an inevitable choice, and refined and standardized management of labels is a mirror to consolidate the overall situation of food safety. In this sense, the 'Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Food Labeling' is worthy of positive expectations.

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