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How to improve the marking efficiency of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-15
How to improve the marking efficiency of the laser marking machine

First of all, for a fixed marking pattern, the factors affecting the marking efficiency can be divided into the equipment itself and the processing materials, so it can be concluded that the final impact on marking Efficiency has factors such as filling type, field mirror, galvanometer, and delay.

The second is how to improve the marking efficiency: .

First, the Z of the four fillings is suitable.

1. Two-way filling: the marking efficiency is high and the effect is good.

2. Back-shaped filling: It is only used when marking thin graphics and fonts, and the efficiency is similar to that of bow-shaped filling.

3. One-way filling: The marking efficiency is the slowest, and it is rarely used in actual processing.

4. Bow filling: The marking efficiency is extremely high, sometimes there will be connection lines, uneven problems, and the above problems will not occur when marking thin graphics and fonts , so bow fill is preferred.

The above four filling methods are different and can be changed according to the actual marking requirements. Choosing the corresponding filling method can also improve the marking efficiency. For the marking effect, it is recommended to use the bow fill, which can significantly improve the marking speed. If you want to have both two-way fill, it is a very good choice.

Second, choose a better high-speed galvanometer.

Under normal circumstances, the scanning speed of the galvanometer can reach 3000mm/s, but a better high-speed galvanometer can scan tens of thousands of laser marking machines per second (you need to Know what it means to have more zeros and less zeros), in addition, when using ordinary galvanometers to mark small graphics or fonts, deformation is easy to occur, and the scanning speed must be reduced to ensure the effect.

Laser marking machine galvanometer.

Third, a suitable field lens.

The larger the focal length of the field lens, the larger the focused spot, and under the same spot overlap ratio, the spacing between the filling lines can be increased, thereby improving the marking efficiency.

Remarks: The larger the field lens, the smaller the power density, so increase the spacing between filling lines while ensuring enough marking energy.

Laser marking airport mirrors.

Fourth, set the delay skillfully.

Different filling types are affected by different delays, so reducing the delay irrelevant to the filling type can also improve the marking efficiency.

1. Bow fill, back fill: mainly affected by the corner delay, which can reduce the turn-on delay, turn-off delay, and end delay.

2. Two-way filling, one-way filling: mainly affected by the light-on delay and light-off delay, which can reduce the corner delay and end delay.

But at the same time, it should be noted that thick graphics and fonts are less affected by the delay, and the delay can be appropriately reduced. Increase the delay appropriately.

Fifth, other channels.

Check 'Equally distribute fill lines'.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine can remove 'enable outline' and 'walk while walking' for marking thick graphics and fonts.

If the effect allows, you can increase the 'Jump Speed' of 'Advanced' and decrease the 'Jump Delay'.

Marking a large range of graphics, properly dividing it into several parts to fill, can effectively reduce the jumping time and improve the marking efficiency.

Only need to pre-set the shape of the workpiece, just switch the settings to be able to correspond to the focal length of different product orientations, marking orientation and shape changes, without the need to move the workpiece multiple times or laser marking to finish.

Deep engraving and printing: There are inherent shortcomings in traditional 2D marking for deep engraving on the surface of objects. With the upward movement of the laser focus during the engraving process, the laser energy acts on the actual surface of the object. It will drop sharply, which seriously affects the function and power of deep engraving. For the traditional deep engraving method, the electric method moves the lifting platform to a certain height at regular intervals during the engraving process to ensure that the laser surface is well concentrated.

Color engraving and printing: on the same plane, it can complete black and white marking, and even multi-color marking, the effect is more abundant, for general metal surface blackening, such as anodized aluminum The method is usually to use higher frequency pulses at suitable energy, and carry out marking under a certain defocusing condition. The defocusing distance significantly affects the energy distribution and color effect of the laser on the surface of the material IC automatic laser marking machine. For general 2D marking users, even if high-end features such as surface marking are not required, it is very meaningful that the 3D laser marking machine can perform plane processing with multi-gray and multi-color effects.

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