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Product identification helps pork to be traceable in circulation

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-22

The pig industry occupies a large proportion of my country's animal husbandry, and pork is the main meat of the people. With the increase in labor, feed, and logistics costs, the pig industry is facing severe forms such as high investment, high cost, high risk, and pork safety incidents. Frequent occurrences and price fluctuations have had an impact on the pig industry.

After the pigs leave the pig farm, they need to go through multiple stages of slaughtering, storage, transportation and sales before they come to the consumer and enter the consumer's table. Therefore, pig raising

External traceability is very important. Traceability refers to traceability and traceability. Pork products must know the whereabouts and the source. Only in this way can people buy with confidence.


1. What is tracking?

When the food safety supervision department finds that pork has a safety hazard, it needs to inform the relevant Consumers, recall or compensate if necessary. Traditional voucher and signature

chapter methods are often difficult to achieve full traceability. Because the data of each link is not closely related, fraudulent behavior cannot be eliminated; in addition, there is a lack of consumer information.

The management can be further refined by printing the identification code for the pigs. Each pig has a unique identification code in the system, and each link needs the identification code Perform data link

link. Consumers can inquire about the pork purchased through the Internet. Once pork safety risks occur, the online platform can track consumers in time, which has the characteristics of accuracy and speed.

Second, what is traceability

When eating pork is poisoned or infected

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When buying a piece, consumers need to know in time whether the pork they buy is safe or not. For this, they need to start consumption

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The person traces towards the pig farm.

Source tracing helps to pinpoint the source and avoid incidents

The item spreads to a larger area and minimizes the impact. Tracing

The source and tracking functions complement each other to achieve full traceability.


With the rapid development of the Internet, mobile Internet and cloud computing technology, each pig must be uniquely identified to achieve the traceability and consumption from birth to consumption.


The person inquires the source of pork or live pigs through the computer.


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