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Solutions to some faults of the pneumatic marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-13

Pneumatic marking machine is used for electromechanical integration equipment for metal products. The printing needle is controlled by a computer and moves according to a certain trajectory on the X and Y two-dimensional planes. Under the action of compressed air, the printing needle moves at a high frequency and moves on the workpiece Printing the corresponding marks, it integrates computer technology, electronic technology, and mechanical technology, and is widely used in all walks of life to produce codes, flow numbers or text and graphic symbols, which is convenient for the effective implementation of production management and product quality tracking. effective tool.

What should I do if the motor of the pneumatic marking machine vibrates

When entering the system, the motor moves to the origin, press the origin switch After it does not stop, it continues to move towards the origin, and makes a 'click' sound; this phenomenon sometimes manifests as another phenomenon. When entering the system, the marking machine first looks for the origin in one direction and continues to move to the origin, and a sound appears. There are several possible reasons for the phenomenon of 'da-da' sound. At this time, check that the origin switch is in the proper direction:

Although the motor moves to the position of the origin switch, the The origin switch is not pressed, the way to confirm is to turn off the power of the control box, push the marker pin away from the origin switch, turn on the power switch and re-enter the system. After finding the origin, when the origin switch is found in the other direction, it still does not stop after the origin switch is pressed. . When the marker head moves towards the origin in question, manually press the origin switch. At this point, the marking head changes the direction of movement.

The solution is to adjust the position of the origin switch or the pressed reed of the origin switch, so that when the marking head reaches the origin, the origin switch can be pressed. Confirm that the core cable between the control box and the marking head is connected correctly, there is no damage, extrusion, etc. in the middle, and the aviation plug has been tightened; The marking machine confirms that the pin data cable between the computer and the controller is correctly connected and tightened correctly.

The handwriting is deformed and the strokes are misplaced on the pneumatic marking machine

(1) The lower end of the cylinder of the marking head is in contact with the needle. Whether the copper sleeve is worn too much, otherwise it should be replaced; (2) When the power supply does not work, shake the cylinder head of the marking head gently in the X and Y directions to see if each direction is loose, and check if there is a gap. Check whether the timing belt is too loose, whether the timing belt pressure plate is loose, whether there is looseness between the timing belt pulley and the motor shaft, reconnect or tighten it; (3) Check whether there are impurities on the sliding rod of the two-dimensional workbench; (4) Check the electrical Check whether the connection is loose;

The pneumatic marking machine can not work or work abnormally

(1) Check the marking Whether the signal line and control line of the standard machine are well connected; (2) Manual test to see if there is any manual action. If there is a manual action, it should be the failure of the computer, the connecting line, and the socket of the relevant control board, otherwise it is the failure of the control box.

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