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What is pre-packaged food, bulk food, primary agricultural products

China Food News found that there are still businesses that confuse the concepts of prepackaged food, bulk food and primary agricultural products. So what are prepackaged food, bulk food, and primary agricultural products?

Bulk food refers to non-prepackaged food, food raw materials and processed semi-finished products, but does not include fresh fruits and vegetables, raw grains that need to be cleaned and processed, fresh frozen livestock and poultry products, and aquatic products.

Article 68 of the 'Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China' stipulates that when food operators sell bulk food, they shall indicate the name, production date or batch number of the food on the container and outer packaging of the bulk food. The warranty period and the name, address, and contact information of the producer and operator. The National Food Safety Standard Food Business Process Hygiene Specification (GB31621-2014) states: When selling bulk food, the container and outer packaging of the bulk food should be marked with the name of the food, the ingredient or ingredient list, the date of production, the shelf life, the name of the producer, and the operator. Contact information and other content to ensure that consumers can get clear and easy-to-understand information. The production date marked on the bulk food shall be consistent with the production date marked by the producer at the factory.

Prepackaged food refers to food that is pre-quantified or made in packaging materials and containers, including pre-quantitative packaging and pre-quantitative production in packaging Food with uniform quality and volume identification in the material and container, and within a certain quantitative limit.

Food label refers to all the labels, tags, text, graphics, symbols and descriptions on or attached to food packaging containers. The basic function of food labeling is to clearly and accurately describe the food’s name, ingredient list, net content, producer’s name, batch number, production date, etc., to scientifically convey the quality and safety characteristics of the food to consumers And information about eating and drinking instructions. The production date (packing date), shelf life (storage period) or expiration date should be marked in a prominent position, the specifications should be clear, and the requirements for contrasting colors should be marked; if the food requires specific storage conditions, it must be noted.

Primary agricultural products refer to the unprocessed products of plantation, animal husbandry, and fishery. Edible agricultural products are directly obtained in agricultural activities and processed through sorting, peeling, peeling, crushing, washing, cutting, freezing, waxing, grading, packaging, etc., but their basic natural and chemical properties are not changed. Primary agricultural products include edible agricultural products.

These regulations not only increase the traceability of food production, make the quality of food more assured, but also increase the traceability of complaints for consumers sex. The new standard provides a scientific basis for consumers’ right to know and to choose. It plays an important role in the correct and effective purchase of food. It is also a criterion for companies to produce safe and secure food. It can ensure the safety and quality of food and the fairness between companies to a certain extent. Competition also provides a basis for law enforcement agencies to supervise food quality. As an cij printer equipment company, cij printers are committed to product technology upgrades and continuous research and development of traceability systems to continuously improve product quality. At the same time, they have accumulated a lot of valuable experience in technology and practical applications. Customers at home and abroad enjoy The production convenience and smooth management brought by product innovation technology promote the healthy development of the enterprise!

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