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Agricultural product traceability system to improve consumer trust

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-22
Network office greatly reduces the workload of supervisory law enforcement personnel, and effectively improves the timeliness, accuracy and effectiveness of supervisory work. For merchants, enter the purchase access information and sales invoicing information, generate and print purchase vouchers, and automatically generate electronic purchase and sales ledgers. For consumers, they can scan the sales vouchers for food traceability, which provides a way to trace food safety. Technical guarantees have also provided evidence of rights protection for cracking down on food safety crimes. It can be said to serve multiple purposes. The edible agricultural product traceability system builds a safe and reliable bridge between supervisors and merchants, consumers and food. On the one hand, it pays attention to food traceability, which makes information transparent and escorts food safety; on the other hand, it is based on daily supervision. , Strengthen random inspections, improve the level of food safety supervision and supervision coverage. Divided according to the types of agricultural products According to the specific types of agricultural products, the traceability system of edible agricultural products is divided into: traceability system for meat products (including eggs and milk), traceability system for fresh products (fruits and vegetables), traceability system for aquatic products, and grain and grain products Traceability system. According to the implementation of the main body division According to the main body of the implementation of the agricultural product traceability system, the edible agricultural product traceability system is divided into three categories: mandatory traceability system, voluntary traceability system and gas 'mandatory + voluntary' traceability system. The compulsory edible agricultural product traceability system is that the government formulates corresponding laws and regulations. It is mandatory that the products of enterprises must be traceable, otherwise they will not be allowed to be sold on the market, and punitive measures will be taken. The compulsory traceability system raises the traceability of products to the height of laws and regulations. Voluntary edible agricultural product traceability management software is a traceability system that companies voluntarily establish and implement in order to improve the grade of products and win consumer trust in consideration of brand, reputation and long-term benefits. In practice, voluntary edible agricultural product traceability management software is generally led by industry associations or leading superior companies in the product supply chain, with leading companies as the core, and cooperating with upstream and downstream companies in the supply chain to jointly develop, establish and maintain the system Running. The construction of edible agricultural products traceability management software requires the participation of all links in the entire supply chain to ensure that the quality of the whole process from 'origin' to 'dining table' is traceable and controllable. This needs to be implemented from multiple levels. First of all, technically, establish a unified traceability platform system covering the entire supply chain, integrate links belonging to various departments, solve technical problems in the implementation process, and technically ensure the smoothness of the entire supply chain traceability system. Secondly, comprehensively strengthen agricultural standardization, formulate scientific and applicable traceability system standards based on traceable business needs, and strengthen the popularization of agricultural standards, so as to attract more companies and departments to participate and build a traceability system for the entire supply chain. Finally, improve the agricultural product quality and safety traceability laws and regulations, establish a agricultural product quality traceability system, and guarantee the establishment and implementation of the traceability system for the entire supply chain from the policy level. Determine the traceability management software of edible agricultural products in the whole process of the agricultural product supply chain. Establish the information definition, management, transmission and exchange plan of each link, and provide relevant information about the raw materials, breeding, planting, processing, storage, transportation and sales in the supply chain. Collect and record. All participants in the supply chain need to agree on the content, expression, and form of information exchanged with each other, and the identification of different participants must be one-to-one to prevent loss of identification. Establish effective edible agricultural product traceability management software through the cooperation of all participants in the supply chain in information exchange, management, etc., to realize the sharing and association of information in all links. For data exchange, in order to ensure the continuity of information flow, each participant in the supply chain must pass predefined traceable data to the next participant, so that the latter can trace the information to the previous link. At the same time, all parties in the supply chain need to agree on the retention period of relevant data. Generally speaking, the retention period of data files should be longer than the life cycle of the product; or build a unified data center to store all data in the data center. Inkjet printer, lend you a pair of insights!
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