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How to choose bottled milk, bagged milk, boxed milk?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-02

To buy milk, you have to buy only 'raw milk' on the ingredient list. If there are other ingredients, it is milk or milk beverage, not real milk at all.

But apart from looking at the ingredients, many people still don’t know how to choose milk, because there are too many packaging styles. Some people look at the brand, some look at the packaging preference, and some simply choose the milk order business at the gate of the community, and pick up the milk in the milk box every day.

So what kind of packaged milk should I buy?


Glass bottles not only avoid air pollution to milk, but also prevent the diffusion of flavor substances. However, the packaging of glass bottles is relatively heavy, not convenient for transportation, and very fragile, so it is rare now on the market. Instead, plastic bottles are used, and large-capacity ones are more common. But if you can't drink it in a short time, it is still not recommended to buy a large bottle.

Bag packaging

But compared with bottled and boxed packaging, plastic bag packaging materials are thinner, and the barrier properties are not so good. In recent years, the transparent bag of milk has appeared, and the advertisement advertises that 'visible milk is more innocentBut the barrier properties of this kind of transparent bag are really poor. I don't believe if you can smell the milk through the bag. The riboflavin and porphyrins in milk will produce reactive oxygen species under the excitation of light. These reactive oxygen species react with proteins, vitamins and fats to produce aldehydes, ketones, methionine sulfoxide and dimethyl disulfide, etc. Destroy the nutrition and flavor of milk.


To buy pasteurized fresh milk, you can choose roof box packaging, but you should pay attention to refrigeration, and the shelf life is short, so you must drink it as soon as possible. There is also ultra-high temperature (≥132°C) sterilized milk. The heating time is very short, from a few seconds to ten seconds. It can not only kill all microorganisms in the milk, but also can be filled aseptically in a completely airtight environment. In addition, it uses a 6-layer composite Tetra Pak packaging of paper, aluminum, and plastic, which can effectively block air and light, so it can be stored for half a year without preservatives.

Bulk for sale now

When I was young, I often drank this kind of milk: dairy farmers brought cows and sheep to the farmers’ market, and sold them early in the morning. Some dairy farmers also undertake the business of ordering milk, bottling the milk that is milked every morning, and then deliver the milk to the door in a unified manner. Including many communities now, there are also private milk delivery services. This kind of milk seems to be fresh, but in fact there are many hidden dangers, even if the milk is boiled, these problems cannot be solved.

Retail dairy farmers are a blank area of u200bu200bsupervision and are not controlled. However, the above hidden dangers of milk produced by regular manufacturers are under supervision. So everyone has to buy the milk that is squeezed on the spot.

The above is a simple analysis of the milk packaging. Of course, don't forget to check the production date when buying to check if the packaging is damaged.

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