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How to identify the quality of quick-frozen food

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-02
Overtime is a common phenomenon. People who work overtime are generally tired and return home. Frozen food has become their first choice for filling their stomachs. It is simple, convenient and delicious. Inferior fast foods are mostly 'three highsAnd other chronic diseases.  How to identify the quality of quick-frozen food  1, production batch number and production date and other spray codes    production batch number and other spray codes represent the factory information of the product, and you can query important product information such as production date and shelf life.  2, look at the nutritional content    some branded products produced by large companies have nutritional content tables. Higher energy means more fat, or more sugar, but in terms of physical health, lower energy is better than higher energy.  3. Quick-frozen white meat is healthier than red meat.   White meat, such as fish and shrimp, is better than quick-frozen beef and mutton. It has better fatty acids and is also high in protein and low in fat.  4. Quick-frozen vegetables are safer than meat.    For example, quick-frozen corn and peas are safer than meat. Because meat is rich in high-unit foods, it is more likely to be infected with bacteria during the remanufacturing process or the storage period.  5. It is better with materials and fruits.   Frozen foods mostly contain carbohydrates, fat and protein, and lack vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is healthier and more balanced to eat with vegetables and fruits.
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