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How to use inkjet printers in the logistics industry

The specific applications of cij printers are as follows:

1. Warehouse cargo management

The application of barcode technology and inventory management avoids the steps of manually writing bills and sending them to the computer room. , Which greatly improves work efficiency. At the same time, the problem of lagging warehouse information has been solved, and the accuracy of the delivery date has been improved. In addition, the problem of inaccurate billing information is solved, customer service quality is improved, manual operations in transaction processing are eliminated, and invalid labor is reduced.

2. Production line personnel management

When each shift starts, each member of the working group scans its employee card with a barcode data collector The bar code, the attendance data and team members are recorded to the data collector, and then they are entered into the computer system. According to the records, team members decide the corresponding rewards and punishments.

3. Pipeline production management

In the period when barcode technology is not applied, each product must be manually recorded before the production line, and manual recording must be generated Processes and components required by the product. Production can only start after the materials are allocated according to the records. Each product has a record sheet on each production line. After completing each process, please fill in the component number and your own job number. Manual records are large and complex, and cannot reflect the flow of goods on the production line in a timely manner. After barcode technology, order numbers, part types and product numbers can be barcoded, and labels are printed and pasted on the production line of product parts and components. When the product goes offline, the quality inspector of the production line will deliver the barcode of the product, the code of the production line and the barcode of the worker according to the process. For unqualified products to be sent for repair, the cause of the failure is determined by the repair, and the entire process does not require manual recording.

4. Warehouse management

Before the appearance of barcodes, there were many problems in warehouse management operations, such as cumbersome materials entering and leaving the warehouse The process, the storage location of the items and the lag in information transmission lead to increased inventory, the delivery date cannot be guaranteed, and the decision-making basis is inaccurate, which will reduce system reliability. In order to avoid errors, some companies have increased the number of inspectors, which reduces labor productivity and affects the speed of order processing. If the factory is equipped with a computer network system, you only need to add some barcode data collectors before data entry.

5. Goods information control and tracking

Automatic inventory warning: Automatic warning for various goods inventory above or below the limit. Combining the recent average usage of various commodities, automatically generate orders that need to be purchased or cancelled within a certain period of time; effectively control inventory. Space monitoring: monitor the actual location, storage time, space and other parameters of the goods, automatically limit unreasonable locations, long-term storage, insufficient space and other prescribed automatic alarms. Track cargo information: track the entire supply chain. Report damage treatment: automatically track the goods to be reported, and the manager can register the damaged goods and fill out the application form for compensation. If the application for damage reporting is approved, the system will report the damage and report the details of the damage.

barcode technology organically links the information systems of various industries, provides technical means for realizing the synchronization of logistics and information flow, and effectively improves the supply chain Management efficiency is a necessary prerequisite for the modernization of e-commerce and logistics management. The role in logistics plays such an important role, and the shortcomings of barcode technology should be discovered and improved to make it play a better role in logistics.

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