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Inkjet printer manufacturers: focus on the unique identification of medical equipment UDI code inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-27

According to the 'Regulations on the Unique Identification System for Medical Devices. Unique Device Identification (UDI) consists of a device identification code (DI) and a production identification code (PI). The only 'identity card'.

The medical device unique identification data carrier is the data medium for storing and/or transmitting the medical device unique identification. The carrier can be in the form of a one-dimensional code, a two-dimensional code, or a radio frequency tag. At present, the one-dimensional code is still the main method, and the one-dimensional code method in which the product identification and the production identification are connected in parallel is basically used. The data carrier needs to be marked on the packaging or medical device products of the listed medical device sales units at all levels, and ensure that the unique identification data carrier is firm, clear and readable during the operation and use of the medical device.

The UDI (Unique Device Identification) consists of a fixed device identification (DI) and a variable production identification (PI).

UDI must be available in both human-readable (plain text) and machine-readable formats, the latter using Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology

DI is a necessary and fixed part of UDI, which consists of two parts: enterprise identification code and product specification code. The enterprise identification code is applied by the registrant or filer, accepted by the code-issuing agency that conforms to my country's medical device coding rules and coding standards, and is assigned a unique enterprise identification code in the world; product specification code is the product produced by the registrant or filer according to its production. Code compiled for features such as model, specification and packaging. The DI consisting of the company identification code and the product specification code is globally unique.

PI is the optional, variable part of the unique identification of a medical device, including date of manufacture, expiration date, batch or serial number, etc. The data of PI does not need to be uploaded to the coding database, and all units can use general scanning equipment to analyze relevant production information locally.

UDI should conform to the principles of uniqueness, stability, and extensibility. Uniqueness is the primary principle of UDI. Ensuring that the unique identification of a product is not repeated is the basis for accurate identification, and it is also the core principle for the unique identification to function. The principle of stability requires that UDI should be related to the basic characteristics of the product. If the basic characteristics of the product remain unchanged, Product identification should remain the same; scalability principles dictate that UDI should adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and practical applications.

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Plan 1: Offline coding

+ pager + visual inspection + elimination of four UV series UDI cij printer features

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exercises specially developed for UDI

Program 2: Online Leadtech Coding

UV series UDI cij printer + dual-axis moving device for print head

Marking clarity and contrast are the key to judging whether the packaging of medicines and medical devices complies with regulations , Whether it has traceable UDI code and high reading rate barcode is the key, and the quality of printing directly determines the validity of printing data. Variable data The high-resolution UV inkjet printer can print various variable data in real time, and according to different packaging materials and product characteristics, a UV ink with a wide range of material adaptability has been developed, which can fully meet the permeability and non-permeability. Material printing requirements, effectively improve the UDI code quality level to meet the specified requirements. focuses on high-resolution variable data Leadtech Coding, and can easily print for different molds and packaging material widths. Serving the packaging, labeling, variable data printing industries.

UDI inkjet printer is widely used in dialysis paper cover substrate for medical devices. Replacement of ink cartridges is convenient and fast, with no wearing parts and less machine maintenance. Specializing in the printing of packaging materials such as dialysis paper for medical hard blister and soft blister.

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