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What is the reason for the error of the laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-16

There will be many problems in the use of metal laser cutting machines, including errors in the process of laser cutting, poor laser cutting effect, etc., so how do these errors occur?

1. Workpiece geometric error

Due to various reasons, the surface of the processed object is uneven, and during the cutting process, there will be In this way, the surface of the thin plate part is easily deformed, and due to the uneven surface, the position of the laser focus and the surface of the object to be processed will also randomly change from the ideal position.

2. The cutting thickness of the material exceeds the standard

The thickness of the cutting material exceeds the standard. Take 3000W as an example: the thickness of the sheet that can be cut by the laser cutting machine is less than 20 thicknesses. The thinner the sheet, the easier it is to cut, and the better the quality is.

If the plate is too thick, the laser cutting machine will be difficult to cut. In the case of ensuring the cutting, there will be errors in the processing accuracy, so the thickness factor of the plate should be determined.

3. Errors generated by programming

During the processing of the fiber laser cutting machine, the processing trajectory on the complex surface is It is fitted by straight lines, arcs, etc. There are errors between these fitted curves and the actual curves, and these errors cause errors between the relative position of the actual focus and the surface of the processing object and the ideal programmed position. Some teaching programming systems also introduce some deviations.

4. Generation of focus position error during laser cutting process

Cutting sample 02

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Cutting sample 02

During the cutting process of the fiber laser cutting machine, there are many factors that cause the relative position change between the focus and the surface of the processed object. It is also related to the surface smoothness of the processed product, the clamping method of the workpiece, the geometric error of the machine tool, the deformation of the machine tool under long-term load, and the thermal deformation of the workpiece during processing, which will cause the laser focus position and ideal given position (programming position). ) deviation occurs.

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