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How to deal with the fault of the pneumatic marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-06

How to deal with the fault of pneumatic marking machine?

The structure of the pneumatic marking machine mainly includes three parts, one is the computer system, the other is the control box, and the third is the mechanical part of the marking machine. And the connection of the pipeline, so that the function is complete, and the performance of the entire pneumatic marking machine can be realized. As a piece of equipment, it is inevitable that there will be failures. Therefore, how to solve these problems and failures quickly and effectively is also a must to understand the operation of the pneumatic marking machine, so that the normal operation of the equipment can be restored in time, so that the marking work will not be affected.

Among the three parts of the pneumatic marking machine, there are usually more failures in the mechanical part and the connecting part. Usually the computer and the control box are used as the control system, which are mainly used for the input and The output and control signal transmission are not prone to problems under normal use. As long as these two parts are operated in the normal switching sequence, and the equipment is cleaned of dust, it is not easy to fail. The connection of the three components is mainly by cables. Since the equipment will be moved during marking, especially the portable and hand-held pneumatic marking machines, it is necessary to operate the head part to move. Therefore, the connecting cables will be loose or worn, so that the Cause the signal to be interrupted or poorly connected, so that the control signal cannot be transmitted to the marking head and thus cannot be operated.

In contrast, the mechanical part has slightly more failures, which is only a relative term, and does not mean that there are more failures. Due to the characteristics of the pneumatic marking machine, the product is impacted under the push of air pressure, so each component will be stressed, and it will be easily worn, resulting in equipment failure. In addition, there will also be cases where the equipment is not marked. For such problems, the first is to check the various system components of the marking machine and eliminate them one by one.

First of all, make sure that there is no problem with the connection, and secondly, check the condition of the mechanical part, which mainly includes the following aspects: ① Whether the marking needle is leaking, the needle can be disassembled, and the wearing parts such as sealing ring and spring can be replaced. , If the needle is seriously worn, replace it with a new needle directly; ② Check the transmission belt, if the wear is serious, it will not be able to transmit kinetic energy, replace it directly; ③ Check the motor to see if the motor is running normally; ④ Check the external air source, if there is no air source pressure, pneumatic The marking machine cannot work properly, so check the barometer for testing.

The above points are basic common faults, which can generally be solved quickly. If the above problems do not exist, please ask professional manufacturers for technical guidance, or directly return to the manufacturer for maintenance. If the problem cannot be solved, do not disassemble and repair it without authorization, so as to avoid the lack of technology and cause more damage to the equipment.

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