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Power co2 laser marking cutting holes in the application of field? Is it important?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-22

in the power of the CO2 laser is an important application field of consumer goods packaging. Including all kinds of material ( Such as paper, cardboard, plastic and metal foil) And laminated composite material cutting, punching, indentation, and marking. Laser is usually better than traditional tools such as direct coulter, die cutting plate, its reason is varied. Laser processing can be quickly, thus can adapt to the speed of the existing production line. Laser processing is flexible, digital ( The software control) , no contact process, so don't change over time, also won't like machine tools need to be replaced or heavy mount. Able to control precision and laser cutting or punching depth, and machine tools are more difficult to do this. And, as a result of using CO2 laser seal mold processing with low cost, high reliability, so compared with the traditional methods on the economy more competitive.

is another important use of CO2 laser cutting for smart phones and other handheld devices display thin glass plate. The traditional mechanical cutting is not suitable for cutting glass thickness under 1 mm. In particular, mechanical cutting edge collapse, forming debris may be produced, may also leave obvious mechanical stress, cause it is easier to break the glass. After all of these problems can make the need for further processing, and processing will need to spend time and increase the cost of production.

with CO2 laser cutting glass belong to non-contact processing, completely eliminates the side damage and fracture problems. And laser cutting, in essence, the glass will not cause residual stress, thus increasing the intensity of the edge of the glass, which makes the laser cutting glass can withstand the pressure is a mechanical cutting glass 2 to 3 times.

in the technology of laser scribing, CO2 laser beam focused on the surface of the glass, and then to move in order to realize the continuous cutting. The use of 10. 6 microns light can cause local rapid heating. Then, liquid or gas injection can be used for rapid cooling glass, usually in the glass to a depth of about 100 mu m continuous crack. Glass and then is passed down from mechanical drum or cutter bar along the crack line segmentation glass accordingly. This method does not produce fragments, and perpendicular to the surface.

smart phones, tablets, and the TV flat-panel display brightness and resolution is becoming more and more high, and the cost is lower than before. The key to the implementation of this technology is to use advanced polarizing film. Specifically, based on the LCD screen, the screen contrast ratio, Angle, resolution and brightness are subject to the conditions of the polarization film quality. The traditional mechanical ( The blade) Cutting polarizing film again showed various limitations, while CO2 laser cutting can gradually reduce the production cost and improve the quality of equipment.

mechanical cutting polarizing film is the main drawback of the late need a lot of processing. Specifically, the late processing including polished edges and clear cut pieces. Another limitation of mechanical cutting is processing utilization rate is low. Especially the polarizing film usually were cut from a large roll of film for the smaller rectangle with rounded corners. This sort of rounded shape to pass on the roll of film for a series of horizontal and vertical linear cutting produced, therefore cannot use the traditional cutting machine, etc. Needless to say, each shape graphics must be individually cut, cause among cutting graphics are left with a small amount of unused materials.

in CO2 laser power it is worth noting that the last application is the low temperature co-firing ceramic ( 确立) The borehole. This kind of material are increasingly used in microelectronics substrate, especially used to construct the multilayer thin devices, such as flash RAM. A layer of green (LTCC including Unburned) Ceramics, usually between the thickness of 50 microns to 250 microns, the lower is the thickness of about 40 to 60 mu mu m m three chlorinated polyethylene ( PET) The tape layers.

as the track circuit, tape have conductive material layer on the Internet. At this point, to make the so-called 'hole' hole in between each layer for electric connection or by heat conduction of each layer. After making hole, to remove the carrier film for laminated and fire. The hole diameter is usually about 100 microns; Usually, adopts the mechanical method according to the required ratio drilled or hit a hole the size of uneconomic. So, now almost all the through holes drilled in LTCC is done using CO2 laser. In short, the power ( 100 w to 500 w) CO2 laser is economical and can provide better results, is now used for cutting, punching, marking and drilling. Lath discharge design progress to further improve the performance and reliability of power CO2 laser in, and to further reduce the total cost of ownership.
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