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Food packaging production hygienic requirements and labeling regulations

Food safety is closely related to the health of consumers and has received widespread attention from the whole society. Food packaging is in direct or indirect contact with food, and the safety level of its materials is directly related to the safety of the packaged food, which is to control food safety One of the key factors.

1. Hygienic requirements for packaging production

The sanitary control of food packaging includes sanitary control of food packaging materials and containers, preventing unsanitary food from entering the packaging, preventing pollution during the packaging process and after packaging Of recontamination. The laws, regulations and standards involved in packaging production hygiene requirements are introduced as follows:

Article 41 of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China (Chairman Order No. 21) stipulates that the production of food-related products shall comply with Laws, regulations and national food safety standards. The food safety supervision and management department shall strengthen the supervision and management of the production activities of food-related products. Article 16 of the “Regulations for the Implementation of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” (State Order No. 721) stipulates that the health administration department of the State Council shall promptly announce new food raw materials, new varieties of food additives and new varieties of food-related products as well as applicable National Food Safety Standard. Article 52 stipulates that if food safety incidents occurring overseas may affect my country's territory, or if serious food safety problems are found in imported food, food additives, or food-related products, the national entry-exit inspection and quarantine department shall promptly carry out risk early warning , And can take control measures such as returning or destroying, restricting imports, suspending or banning related foods, food additives, and food-related products.

There are many standards that will not be listed in detail here. You can search for relevant keywords on the Food Partner Network.

Two. Labeling regulations

GB 4806.1-2016 'National Food Safety Standard Food Contact Materials and Products General Safety Requirements' stipulates that food contact materials and final products should also be marked 'Food contact useProducts with special use requirements should indicate the use method, use precautions, purpose, use environment, use temperature, etc. For products whose conditions of use specified by relevant standards or exceeding the conditions of use will cause a higher food safety risk, the conditions of use shall be explained in a special or eye-catching manner so that users can safely and correctly handle, display, and store the products and use. The required labeling content should be indicated on the product or product label in priority, and the label should be located in a conspicuous place in the smallest sales package of the product. When all the information cannot be displayed on the product or product label due to technical reasons, it can be displayed in the product manual or accompanying documents.

In specific product standards, there are also special regulations on labels. For example, GB 4806.5-2016 'National Food Safety Standard for Glass Products' stipulates that label identification should meet the requirements of GB 4806.1. When a product claims that it can be used for cooking and can be used in a microwave oven, it should be marked on the product or the smallest sales package.

In addition, there are some recommended standards related to the content of label identification, you can refer to it. For example, GB/T 30643-2014 'General Rules for the Labeling of Food Contact Materials and Products' stipulates the basic principles, production requirements and labeling content of food contact materials and product labels. The standard stipulates that the name, specification and (or) quantity (number of pieces), material, additives, producer and (or distributor's name, address and contact party, date, storage conditions, and production license number of food contact materials and products should be marked. , Product standard number, quality grade, product batch number, logo, instructions for use and others.

The inkjet printer is an important device for performing later identification. For the production line to timely identify the factory products and make the labels printed Effective immediately, food-related information can also be traced later. The markings generated by the inkjet printer are not only Chinese and English, numbers, but also barcodes, two-dimensional codes, and complex icons. In the field of pre-packaged food, the inkjet printer's The use of more and more cij printer technology has also continued to improve, becoming an excellent marking product.

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