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List of label specifications for pharmaceutical packaging

1. The packaging and labels of medicines must be printed in accordance with the requirements set by the State Drug Administration, and their words and patterns must not be added to any content that has not been approved. The packaging of medicines is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. The content of drug packaging and labeling shall not exceed the content specified in the drug insert approved by the State Drug Administration.

2. The contents printed on the packaging and labels of medicines must be accurate and accurate in describing the products. Except for the words used to express safe and rational use of medicines, there must be no words and signs that improperly promote the products, such as 'National 'Class-level new drugs'Technology3. The product name of the drug must be approved by the State Drug Administration before it can be used on the packaging and label. Commodity names cannot be combined with common names, and should be branched. After the trade name is registered as a trademark, it must still comply with the principles of trade name management. The ratio of the common name to the word used in the trade name shall not be less than 1:2 (referring to the area). The common name body size should be the same without parentheses. A registered trademark used as a trade name without the approval of the State Drug Administration may be printed on the upper left or upper right corner of the package label, and its font shall not be larger than the words used in the generic name. 4. For the same enterprise, the same drug product with the same specifications (referring to both drug specifications and packaging specifications), the packaging and label formats and colors must be consistent, and different trademarks must not be used. If the same product of the same enterprise has different specifications, the packaging and label of the smallest sales unit should be clearly different or the specifications should be clearly marked. 5. The smallest sales unit of a drug refers to the smallest package of a drug directly for marketing. The packaging of each minimum sales unit must be printed with a label and accompanied by an instruction manual in accordance with the regulations. 6. Drugs under special management, such as narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, toxic drugs for medical use, radioactive drugs, etc., drugs for external use, and over-the-counter drugs must be marked in compliance with regulations on their large packaging, intermediate packaging, minimum sales unit and label; for storage Drugs with special requirements must be marked in a prominent position on the package and label. 7. The packaging and labeling of imported drugs shall not only be implemented in accordance with these rules, but also be marked with 'Imported Drug Registration Certificate Number' or 'Medicine Product Registration Certificate NumberThe name of the company in the original country or region of production, date of production, batch number, expiry date, and name of the domestic sub-packaging company, etc. 8. For drugs approved for off-site production, the packaging and label should also indicate the group name, manufacturer, and production location; for drugs approved for entrusted processing, the packaging and label should also indicate the name of the entrusting parties and the processing location. 9. For all medicines sold and used in China, the language used in packaging and labeling must be mainly Chinese and use the current normative language promulgated by the National Language and Writing Committee. Ethnic medicine can increase its ethnic characters. Companies can use barcodes and foreign language comparisons on their drug packaging as needed; products that have been patented in my country can also be marked with patent marks and patent numbers, and indicate the types of patent licenses. 10. The expression method of the validity period of the packaging label shall be in the order of year and month. The general expression can be valid until a certain year and certain month, or only expressed by numbers. For example, the validity period is until October 2001, or the validity period is until 2001.10, 2001/10, 2001-10, etc. The year should be represented by four digits, and 0 must be added before the number from January to September to represent the month with two digits. Inkjet printers are widely used in the field of medical marking, equipped with edible ink. Whether it is in paper packaging or plastic packaging, or in bottle or aluminum foil packaging, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution. The cij printer production line is complete, integrating Ru0026D, design, production and sales. And supporting the production of all the products required by the cij printer, including ink, thinner, and cleaning fluid. The unique design of ruby u200bu200bis more durable and durable, and various information such as expiration date and production batch number are printed, in line with the provisions of the Medical Law. No matter it is printing in a small area or in a high temperature environment, the effect is still good and clear.

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