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How Barcode Labels Give Enterprises High Performance

Nowadays, more and more companies apply bar code labels to their products. So how does bar code label endow companies with high performance? What are its characteristics? For this reason, we invited the technicians of Inkjet Printer Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. to analyze for us:

Three characteristics of barcode labels

Barcodes are a method of efficiently collecting information , It is a control method to improve the intelligent manufacturing of manufacturing enterprises. Three characteristics of bar code technology:

1. High real-time performance: Real-time tracking and feedback of 'events' occurring at the production site through the bar code collector.

2. Fast automatic collection speed: the use of bar code to collect and process data instead of the original manual operation of recording information.

3. High accuracy: The error rate of the barcode is almost zero.

Barcode empowers efficient production management

The key role of barcode in production management is to automatically collect a large amount of data generated in the production process, and real-time, accurate Pass information to the management system. The use of bar code labels in the production management process can realize the real-time collection, query, statistics, and tracking of bar code data in the whole process from raw material storage, product production, quality control to finished product inventory management, and provide reliable reference for production scheduling. in accordance with. At the same time, it can reduce the workload of manual transcription and input, and reduce human errors; find the existing problems in production, provide analysis and reference for repeated failure problems; pay attention to the unified product label format, and standardize the use of barcodes in the production process, and implement mobile terminals Real-time data collection can increase productivity, improve production methods, save production costs, and achieve the purpose of intelligent manufacturing and lean production.

1. Automatic acquisition of production information: After adopting barcode technology, first make the order number, part name, category, quantity, number and other information into a barcode according to the coding rules, and then print and paste the barcode. After entering the processing production line, when the part with barcode label is read by the reader, the data in the barcode label is read and the data is sent to the system backend, and the production process of the product order and the required materials and parts are called out to assist processing , Such as the specific production requirements of the product, suitable parts and process requirements and so on.

2. Automatic assignment of production planning tasks: According to the barcode information, perform task statistics on the product's picking, on-line production, and off-line warehousing phases to generate process, worker, and product tasks. Information details are recorded in real time. Managers can effectively manage production and assign tasks based on this information. Import the production plan according to the schedule requirements, and print the barcode on the dispatch order according to the production plan data, and print and distribute it to each production station.

3. Automatic control of the processing procedure: In the automated procedure, all the basic actions are mechanized, and the workers only perform the overall operation and supervision of this procedure. The production line determines the flow direction of the parts according to the information stored in the barcode. When a process is successfully completed, the production line quality inspector scans the product barcode and production line code number after passing the inspection, and scans the worker's barcode in the order of the process, and then transfers to the next Road processing procedures.

4. Real-time monitoring of production status: Once unqualified products are found, you can immediately know the location of the previous process through the bar code information, and send it to the maintenance department to determine the cause of the failure in time. Through the monitoring of the production status, the current production status can be dynamically reflected in real time, so that the production manager can understand the production situation in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner, so as to take necessary and effective measures to ensure that the production can proceed normally according to the predetermined plan.

5. Timely collection and display of production data: The production data is collected at key stations in the production workshop. After the product is produced, workers use PDA to scan the barcode on the dispatch order, and the system records it Information such as workstations, operators, operating hours, products, etc., summarized information, displays the production progress on the LED display in real time.

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